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Please contact us @ affordablehousingonline@gmail.com

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Please note that my marketing is geared toward real estate investors, however, any business owner could find this line to be valuable. Feel free to forward this info to any business owners that you know.

This line is a way to fund properties without having get appraisals or qualify the property based on someone else's opinion. You can use this money to purchase and rehab, for Gap funding, fund earnest money deposits, hire an assistant, I could go on, but you get the picture. Keep in mind that even if your score is not high enough or you don't wish to personally apply, you can always partner with someone else and add multiple lines to your company!

Please use this link for a $1 tri-merge credit report with:
Click Here

There is no cost or obligation to determine the your loan amount eligibility. Your final interest rate and costs will be determined through this application process. General terms and requirements are as follows:

+ Loan amts from $25K to $150K
+ Rates: 0% possible for 1st 6 months and final rate determined on a case by case basis (average is 8 to 12%)
+ Approximate 3 week closing time
+ No upfront fees
+ 700 min credit score with no derogs required
+ Co-signers allowed
+ No judgements or collections in unpaid status
+ Absolutely no bankruptcies
+ Limited recent credit inquiries, (12 in one year, no more than 4 per bureau)
+ No income verification
+ No business entity or seasoning of entity required
+ Personal guarantee required
+ Finance fee, payable from the line upon approval will be 8 to 10% of approval amount
+ Max loan amount is up to $150K per person
+ There are no repeating fees other than interest for usage of the line
+ Funds may be used for any usage you deem fit
Application instructions:
+ Complete application even if your gross income is over $350K
+ Pull a tri merge from site of your choice or use creditchecktotal only cost $1 (need all 3 bureaus) see link in 3rd paragraph above
+ Provide website used for credit pull, user name, password and soc sec nu if using creditchecktotal (this will not show as an inquiry on your report)
+ Tip: uncheck any special offers by the reporting agency you use
+ Include entity info if you have one
+ Enter min loan amount of $25K and max of $150K
+ Enter personal income if you have no entity in the entity section
+ Email application back to me at ksiglobalfunding@gmail.com or fax to me at 470.227.3200 and include your contact info
+ Email any questions to me at ksiglobalfunding@gmail.com
I'm looking forward to delivering funding for your endeavors! Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

With appreciation,

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